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Toledo, OH—The new veteran-owned Superior Made Spaces is currently being remodeled and will be completed just in time for their Grand Opening August 19, 2023. Superior Made Spaces will be unique in that it will provide affordable multi-purpose office suites to support small businesses and will provide flexible payment plans for Veteran owned businesses. Their buildings are conveniently located across from the Toledo Public Library and just steps away from the Toledo courthouse in downtown Toledo on Michigan Street.

Parking, no problem! The sisters also purchased a 48-space parking lot which is conveniently located onsite. Superior Made Spaces will begin with 22 office suites and hope to acquire additional buildings in the downtown area to continue their journey. The sisters are looking forward to using the name Superior Made Spaces as an umbrella to incorporate and create all types of new spaces including living space. They currently have plans to utilize 1 of the 3 buildings as living space to create luxury downtown flats.

Toledo native’s Arlinda Self and her younger sister Shirley Lawson states they were inspired by their parents Nathan and Alicia Lawson who are also Toledo Natives responsible for building the 1st African American RV Resort 2 years ago across from NASCAR in Talladega, Alabama. The sisters state they were always pushed to follow their dreams and to never forget to give back. After serving 10 years in the U.S. Navy, Shirley returned home and partnered with her sister Arlinda who was already involved in Toledo’s downtown re-development providing physical and mental wellness services to downtown employees. After networking with the Toledo Metro Park Services, the sisters decided to truly give back by investing in Veterans and small business owners and recognized the demand to provide affordable Superior Made Spaces. 

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